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Who Am I?

I'm Tenny

You obviously know that because you’re in the about page of my website, lol

I'm a Hyderabad based Digital Marketing Expert, who is extremely passionate about Digital Marketing as a whole and so I studied Marketing in Grad School and whilst studying I've started to work with businesses from the UK and the US apart from the Indian brands all from my couch!

I've grown brands and helped businesses boost their sales by doing SEO, Digital PR, Lead Generation and PPC.
Few more things about me,

Personal Stuff

I’ve been to one of the Best B-Schools in India, IBS Hyderabad, where  I graduated in (BBA) Bachelor’s of Business Administration, majoring in Digital Marketing.

Apart from ‘all things’ marketing, I’m a Tech Geek (who pretty much keeps track of all the cool tech stuff and I also buy some Haha..), SaaS Shopper (Yeah that is thing now- I have pretty decently growing stack of SaaS tools for lifetime), Blogger (I write sometimes on this website and few other affiliate sites I own) and also trying to be successful at stock trading.

I sometimes (rarely lol) get out of my couch and travel which I try to photograph with my Cannon 700D and post on Twitter.

Oh Yeah! most importantly I’m a DOG LOVER 🐾

Tenny's Dog
Here are some of my,


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Tenny Jesse
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